How much can I earn?

You know what they say... the sky is the limit!

We cannot make any promises or guarantees for obvious legal reasons, so on this page, we'll explain our simple commission structure.

How much you earn depends on the quantity and quality of traffic you send to our platform.

We offer a robust referral window of 45 days to track referred sales, from the first click. So you can rest assured that you will get commissions for all the traffic you send our way.

There are two types of commissions:

  • 50% - for all products created in-house by VideoPlasty as a vendor
  • 33% - for all products created by external contributors and sold on our platform

Currently, around half of the products on VideoPlasty are created in-house and the other half are sold by contributors, but we expect this to change and be predominantly contributors.

Need More Help?

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