How do I get paid?

There are two ways to get paid:

  • PayPal (minimum balance of $50)
  • bank transfer via Wise, formerly TransferWise (minimum balance of $100)

If your balance is over the minimum threshold for payouts, it gets processed once every month, by the 15th of the following month. For example for commissions generated in February, you will receive a payout by March 15.

The main way we process our affiliate payouts for commissions you generate is via PayPal.

However, we understand that PayPal may not be available in all countries in the world. In such a situation, we make an exception and can provide a bank transfer using (formerly TransferWise), for affordable international bank transfers. Please note that each transfer, country, and currency may incur a separate fee which is outside of our control and is covered from your side.

For bank transfers, please fill in all your bank details on your Affiliate Profile page.

Need More Help?

Send us a message and our friendly support staff will get back to you within 24h!