License explained

For the full License Agreement, go here:

However, legal talk is complicated, so we tried to simplify things and explain how our license works, so you don't need a lawyer to understand things.

Our items are intended to be used in creative projects of all shapes and sizes, with only a few common sense limitations.

Here are a few general guidelines:

  • unlimited use license with an active subscription - it means you can use the items as many times as you want in different projects, for the entire duration of a subscription cycle, until the subscription expires.
  • the projects have to be created by you, as the license is not transferable.
  • can be used for both personal and commercial projects
  • can be used in client work that you get paid for

Accepted use case examples:

  • you can use our GIFs on your website
  • you can use our GIFs in PowerPoint/Keynote presentations
  • you can use our items to make an explainer video for your company or for your client
  • you can use our items in your YouTube monetized videos
  • you can use our items in your logo
  • you can use our items in a film, theater, or other media installation
  • you can use our items in a company training video

Unaccepted use case examples:

  • you cannot use our items in works that you trademark
  • you cannot use our items in PLR
  • you cannot resell or give away our items
  • you cannot relicense our items
  • you cannot use our items without having an active subscription
  • cannot be used as emoji packs on chat platforms
  • cannot be used for illegal, unlawful, or unauthorized purposes or to defame a person

Penalties for breaking the license agreement are severe and far greater than the cost of the original license. We are friendly and happy to help, so please get in touch with us if in doubt about your use case.

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