How does the review process work?

Once you upload an item and fill in all the details, you can submit an item for review in order to get it published on our platform.

We aim to review all submissions within 24h, but this might take longer depending on volume of submissions or work at any given time.

All items are subject to strict quality standards to ensure our customers get access to amazing items that are easy to use.

When creating or uploading items, think of the end user. How can my item be used in a real project? Is my item easy to use? Does it provide any real value? How can I make it better?

Examples of bad submissions:

  • vector images without a transparent background
  • animations without a transparent background
  • very short animations (4s) that don't even loop, making them too fast and useless for the user
  • even if a clip is short and looped, we still suggest you make it around 10s long (just go through the loop a few times, if needed). Not all users know how to extend the length of an animation by duplicating it

Need More Help?

Send us a message and our friendly support staff will get back to you within 24h!