Item quality standards

When creating or uploading items, think of the end user. How can my item be used in a real project? Is my item easy to use? Does it provide any real value? How can I make it better?

Examples of bad submissions:

  • vector images without a transparent background
  • animations without a transparent background
  • very short animations (4s) that don't even loop, making them too fast and useless for the user

General suggestions:

  • transparent items, so users can use in any scene or composition they want (unless it's a full frame item like a scene)
  • loopable - not required, but we find it helps with the user experience if they can easily extend the duration of the animation with a seamless loop
  • we recommend at least 10s in duration for individual video or GIF submissions
  • high resolution - anything around 1080p should be fine, but we recommend you prepare for the future an upload your items in 4K
  • quality encoding - don't use obsolete or uncommon encoders or formats. See upload guidelines for more details
  • good filesize - don't compress your files too much, lower file sizes are not ideal as you lose a lot of the quality and information

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