Tax information

As an EU company, we comply with strict accounting and fiscal European rules and regulations.

For tax purposes, there are two distinct cases, depending on your situation

  1. registered entity for tax purposes

  2. natural personal

Registered entity for tax purposes

This would be an LLC or self-employed status where you're able to provide a valid tax ID. For example, for a European company that would be called a VAT ID. In the US, it would be an EIN.

You can provide all this information during onboarding or update it on your Profile page of the Contributors Dashboard.

In this case, we can process 100% of your commissions and do not have to withhold any of them at the source.

Natural person

If you're a natural person without any tax registration, we are still happy to have you on our platform earning money. However, according to EU regulations and tax treaties between Romania (our country of registration) and your country of fiscal residence, we are obligated to apply a 10% withholding tax. Later on, this gets paid to the government of your country.

In essence, if you generate $100 in commissions, we would be legally obligated to keep $10 as the tax owed to the government of your country, while paying you the remaining $90.

We understand this might be frustrating as it eats away at your earnings, so we highly recommend you register for tax purposes and provide a valid tax ID number in your account to avoid this.

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