Data erasure request

As an EU company, we comply with strict privacy regulations and take your personal data very seriously.

To delete your account and erase your personal data, you have to trigger this process yourself directly from our platform. It has to be done manually by you, as it's a permanent change and cannot be restored.

Please log in to your account and on the top right corner go to My Account → Profile and if you scroll down, you will see a section for Delete Account.

Alternatively, you can click on this link directly to get there, if logged in:

Accounts with no order history will have all personal data removed from our system.

For accounts with order history, however, according to our Terms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy, and License Agreement that you enter into when licensing digital assets on our platform, we are legally obligated to retain some data on the licensing history and for accounting purposes, even after your account is deleted. Please be mindful of the fact that you will lose access to any remaining downloads as well as your licensing history upon the deletion of your account.

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